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MRC-Wiki is a Mine Rehabilitation and Closure knowledge management tool primarily focussed on Central Queensland practitioners to support them in their work as well as to draw upon the knowledge base of this group and its historical network. 

MRC-Wiki was initiated in a project led by a research team within the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation. That project was funded by ACARP (Australian Coal Association Research Program) and was centred on coal mine rehabilitation and closure in Central Queensland. A planning workshop was held in Mackay in early May 2015 with the Central Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Group (CQMRG) to develop the structure for the MRC-Wiki.  A working group from CQMRG was also formed to provide a reference group during the development of the MRC-Wiki as well as to provide a conduit to the wider practitioner network to encourage their active involvement. Having been established through this research project, the MRC-Wiki has been handed over to the CQMRG. In this way this knowledge management tool can be expanded and sustained into the future.

While the focus of MRC-wiki is in Central Queensland, it is open to anyone with expertise, experience or knowledge of mine rehabilitation and closure issues.

Project History

The CQMRG supports continual improvement of mine rehabilitation practice using a workshop plus site inspection format over two days, several times a year depending upon resources. While CQMRG provides a valuable means of developing and disseminating rehabilitation knowledge, it remains subject to the vagaries of industry cycles, personnel turnover and sponsorship of site tours. At the 20 year anniversary workshop in April 2013, attended by over 100 delegates, there was a strong view that capturing and transferring rehabilitation practice knowledge using some form of knowledge management system would both facilitate CQMRG’s purpose, as well as advance the mining industry’s opportunity to improve its rehabilitation performance. It is from this forum that the idea of a Scoping Study for this project was conceived. 

That Scoping Study was completed in May 2014 (ACARP C23023) and has provided guidance on a number of knowledge management platforms and decision tools for sharing rehabilitation and closure knowledge as well as providing capacity for discussion forums. A wiki-based Mine Rehabilitation and Closure (MRC) knowledge platform has been identified as providing the flexibility and functionality required by CQMRG. Through this MRC-Wiki it was identified that the other decision tools and knowledge management platforms and resources could be linked and made more accessible to practitioners. 

The industrial application of a Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Wiki (MRC-Wiki) is as a source of information with links to useful tools to support planning and implementation of rehabilitation and closure, in addition to a facility for information sharing and guidance.  The MRC-Wiki provides an entry point for rehabilitation and closure practitioners, with a focus on Central Queensland, to the existing tools and knowledge management resources reviewed.  The MRC-Wiki also has the capacity for users to add in other potentially useful tools, not included in this review. Practitioners can share their knowledge and provide links to new knowledge, and improve practices on the ground by learning from successes and failures which influence mine rehabilitation and closure practices.

MRC-wiki was handed over to CQMRG in February 2017.

For further information on the Scoping Study and MRC-wiki development project, go to the ACARP webpage where the abstract and report can be found, or email the MRC-wiki Editor.

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