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After planning and implementing rehabilitation and/or closure at any scale, the next step in the continual improvement cycle is reviewing. 

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Within (Section 5.7 of) the Mine Closure leading practice booklet the following is provided about reviewing closure strategies and plans;

Each review is an opportunity to collate information about the project, update the knowledge base, apply improved knowledge and capture any changes that have taken place since the previous review. It also provides an opportunity to verify the content and outcomes of the closure plan, including:

  • closure risks—verify that closure risks have been correctly identified and prioritised
  • closure outcomes:
  • minimise the likelihood of negative consequences of closure
  • maximise the positive benefits of closure
  • minimise the likelihood that closure goals cannot be met
  • maximise the likelihood that opportunities for lasting benefits are captured
  • completion criteria—revise criteria and progressively move from qualitative to quantitative criteria
  • stakeholder engagement—opportunity to re-open

The closure plan should be in front of mine planners and decision-makers at all times when they are making decisions, so it must be accurate and relevant to maintain credibility and acceptance.

Monitoring performance is the term used in the Mine Rehabilitation leading practice booklet for review and key messages include;

  • Leading practice rehabilitation monitoring should have clear objectives, be well designed and be clearly integrated into whole-of-life mine planning to ensure that timely and cost-effective solutions are developed to facilitate sustainable mine closure.
  • Rehabilitation performance indicators and completion criteria should be assessed against realistic site-specific rehabilitation goals, 
  • accounting for the physical resources and scale of disturbance.
  • The indicators or parameters to be monitored need to be carefully selected and resourced to enable useful long-term monitoring and evaluation of the response to rehabilitation.
  • Monitoring should inform adaptive rehabilitation management.
  • Planning for closure should start before mining, and rehabilitation and its monitoring should be progressive through the life of the mine.

Articles within this wiki of relevance to 'reviewing' include;

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