Improvement plans provide a mechanism for linking the performance of rehabilitation and closure back to the objectives. This provides a platform for systematically addressing any shortfalls progressively before more significant failures occur. For illustration WA mining group's (Alcoa) Environmental improvement plan from 2011-2013 provides a framework for monitoring and managing as well as communicating publicly, the targets and actions intended. that is for each goal there are 'sections, targets, actions and metrics'. These address biodiversity, rehabilitation sustainability, fauna return and management, dieback and mining, dieback and the community, dieback forest rehabilitation. Behind the plain English version of the improvement plan for the general public it would be expected that there are a number of technical documents and planning instruments to ensure that the monitoring findings are translated into action in terms of addressing aspects of planning and implementation which could lead to the objectives of planning processes and/or completion criteria of rehabilitation works on the ground from being achieved.

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